Keeping Coyotes on Your Farm

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Photo by: Kate Lynch

YES!  You want to keep a Coyote family on your farm. When you offer them a home on your fields and forest, they will give back to you a hundred fold.

Why?  Your farm is an ecosystem that needs ALL its members, and that includes the carnivores…most especially the Keystone ~ Coyote.

Dayton Hyde, author and a rancher way ahead of his time wrote:

“I thought of other species on the ranch. Without flickers, badgers, trout, deer, or chipmunks, the ranch still would have flourished. But if I took away the Coyotes, the whole system fell apart. In fact, if I were to design a kit for the beginning rancher, a pair of Coyotes would have to be included.”

I would like to introduce you now to two young farmers who continue his legacy.
I will let them speak for themselves in this short film clip ~