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You’re participating in the farming of the future, which has already begun today. It’s a farming where being sustainable also means being successful. And to be sustainable, the whole community of life on your farm must thrive. That includes the carnivores, who play a vital role in the health and success of your farm.

Farming is a Community Endeavor and that is why we are a collaborative:

  • Farmers who are economically successful, and at the same time using animal husbandry practices that help them live well with the carnivores on their farm. You can meet them here.
  • Farmers who wish to gain more knowledge of sustainable animal husbandry practices and share their present experiences.
  • Experts on Guardian Animals who are knowledgeable in the breeding and care of guardian dogs, Llamas and donkeys
  • Specialists in Fencing who have years of experience with both keeping your farm animals safe by confining them within the fence, and the carnivores safe by keeping them outside of the fence.
  • Wildlife Biologists whose work focuses on carnivores, bring their knowledge and experience of carnivores to help farmers understand the complexities of these intelligent species, which is vital to successful farming with them.
  • A Supportive Community who care that their farmers are successful and understand how important sustainable farming is for their community.

Our Mission

Our Mission is to foster community in its widest sense by assisting farmers in the Eastern United States, who are seeking to keep their farm animals safe from predation by carnivores, without the use of lethal means. This is accomplished by the use of animal husbandry practices that work, and understanding the ecology of your carnivore neighbors. By practicing the highest standards of stewardship, farmers are then able to live peacefully with carnivores, resulting in a balanced and sustainable ecosystem on their farm.

Does farming get any better than this?!