Haying with Coyote

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Photo by: Tom Koerner

If there ever was an understanding of WHO Coyote is….look to the farmers who have come to know them. A number of Maine farmers have shared with me the collaborative effort both they and the coyotes have worked out together.

Families of Coyotes who live on farms KNOW the farmer very well. They understand whether the farmer respects them or not, whether the farmer welcomes them or not, and whether they can trust the farmer with their lives …or not.

Nowhere is this more fully appreciated than when the farmer turns on his tractor to mow his fields, and Coyote quickly leaves the refuge of the forest to follow in their own wild distance behind the tractor, picking off all the rodents that have now been exposed.

This only happens when there is TRUST and RESPECT in their relationship.

And Life is rich…and Life is peaceful….and Abundant for All.

Geri Vistein, carnivore biologist